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Powder coating offers a highly scratch resistant finish applicable to a number of surfaces. It provides a restorative solution to a wide range of surfaces commonly exposed to harsh environmental elements such as patio furniture, fencing, gates, automotive frames, and trailers.

The Process

Powder Coating is a dry finishing, environmentally friendly process applied electrostatically to create a durable finish to metals. The powder is then heated (cured) in an oven at its melting point, after which it flows to form a smooth film which dries to a firm, high quality, durable finish very resistant to scratches, cracking, peeling, and rust.


Powder coating is a clean process. It is environmentally friendly and virtually pollution-free. Liquid finishes have ingredients and solvents, which have pollutants also known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Powder coating does not use solvents. The powder coating process is also good to the environment through it’s minimal waste.

MMC Powder Coating Inc.

We thrive on the successful completion of the most demanding projects. Our performance as a highly focused applicator of a broad and diverse range of products has positioned us to offer the best solution and value for your coating requirements. Understanding coating materials is the key to our success and has driven our capabilities beyond most coating providers.

MMC Powder Coating Inc. applies various precision technical coatings. Our customer driven focus has increased our capabilities allowing us to apply coatings on an almost unlimited variety of part sizes and configurations. Services are provided to a wide range of quality demanding industries such as Technology and Oil and Gas. We excel in applying products as basic as powder coatings all the way to multi coat Teflon Systems.

If you're interested in the advantages of peerless sandblasting and powder coating, then you've come to the right place. Known to locals as the place to go when you want flawless work that's delivered quickly, MMC Powder Coating Inc. may have once been a hidden gem, but demand for our services continues to grow every month for one simple reason – our quality. Our team's common goal of nothing but the best shows in everything we do, from treating a new client with respect to detailed QA inspections of all completed work.


  • While some other area's shops may try to do everything reasonably well, our focus is concentrates on powder coating and our skills match up against anyone in the area if not the country. For unblemished work that shines years after the application, MMC Coatings is the one to choose.

  • It may sound fancy, but powder coating in Hamilton and GTA area doesn't have to be a huge expense. In fact, the vast majority of our work comes in at a much lower expense than they expect. MMC Coatings are here to make a fair profit from the immaculate services we provide – nothing more, nothing less, so you can rest assured that there will never be hidden charges.
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Heavy machinery - 100%
Mining equipemnt - 100%
Aggregate equipment - 100%
Automotive industry and euqipment - 100%
Logistics industries - 100%
Construction and fencing - 100%